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A Round Sun A Dot

Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang

Jul 11, 2015 ~ Sep 18

M Art Center is pleased to present a new exhibition “A Round Sun A Dot”, which is the first solo show of Lingjie Wang and Jingfang Hao in China. The young couple is based in France and usually focuses their works on the nature. And nature is their starting point to explore the basic concept of “things” and the relationships with human. The close observation of the nature, also further study and development of the characteristics and the techniques of the materials have been wonderfully demonstrated through their works in space installation, paintings, videos and sculptures. The exhibition will be open at 3 p.m. on 11th July until 10th September. The curator Hélène Doub once describes the artists and their works as “excellent alliance of contraries” (exaltante alliance des contraires). Sharing a background of engineering, the two artists, on one hand, are interested in western conceptual art, and strongly attracted and influenced by its ideology, which is a mix of intuition and reasoning. On the other, they have inherited the sensitive approach and poetic expression rooted in the concepts of “somethingness” and “nothingness” of Chinese philosophy. All these have made every piece of their works show a principal dialogue (un principe dialogique) between the two extremes, the reasoning perception and the accurate arrangement – it is conceptual, yet emotional; natural, beautiful and mysterious, but as complicated as science. As for the theme of the exhibition, the artists give their explanation as follows: look...



The Stone

Lee Jaehyo

May 16, 2015 ~ Jun 15

The renowned Korean artist Lee Jaehyo’s solo exhibition “The Stone” is to be on show from May 16, 2015 to June 15,2015. The show will be composed by three parts of artworks including spatial installation, sculpture and photography. Lee is deeply influenced by Earthworks and his works are natural and unaffected, nourished by Land art, Environmental Art, Eco-Art, Installations and Minimalism. In this show, while using ordinary rocks and branches as his main creation objects, he widely adopts artistic techniques like suspension, stack and alignment, which makes the raw materials mark a mysterious temperament. Integrating consummate skills and philosophical thoughts, his works are not only peaceful and elegant, but also reflective of the author’s quest for the unknown world. Moreover, the artistic style of Lee Jaehyo is “repetition” and “persistence” which requires a good deal of time and energy. While natural rocks seem pointless, if were piled together, the combination may convey certain meaning. Such is the same with Lee’s work for the creative process means even more than the author’s creative intention. No wonder he wrote in his work notes that “it may be those that make a hard living who make this world a beautiful place.”   Lee Jaehyo, born in 1965 in Hapchen, Korea, graduated from Hong-ik University in 1992 and has held 42 solo exhibitions up till 2015. Currently he is living and working in Korea.


A Slip of Abstraction

Lu Ma

Mar 21, 2015 ~ May 10

M Art Center is thrilled to present you the solo exhibition of our artist Ma lu,  A slip of abstraction, from March 21th to April 20th, 2015. Ma Lu’s creations have their origins from abstract expressionism, in a way not pursuing analytical method of the western abstraction research. His works do not emphasize geometrical relations on canvas like Mondrian and Malevich. Nor do they reveal some hidden libido like drip paintings by Jackson Pollock. His philosophy seems to be a way in-between, one which is more related to the physical experience of normal people. His works go beyond the simple form and shape of things around us,but they express his feeling towards them and his physical experience of them. When Ma lu found the corner stone of his artistic expression, one that lay in the emotional transformation deeply rooted within him, peace is found in his heart. His works convey not only the image of a theme, but also a purified whole reflection of reality, with similar magic of music and of poetry. Whatever and however it is that he paints: heaven or earth, man or animal, big or small, figurative or abstract, all is important, with no difference, free from the other in its own right, yet they infiltrate into each other’s world with comments and remarks, where a micro and a macro view share the same expression.  In fact, Ma lu has no intention to be neither abstract...



Creative M50 2014

Jan 12, 2015 ~ Mar 11

复件 展览海报

Approaching Zero

Ruyun Gao

Nov 29, 2014 ~ Jan 7, 2015

M Art Center is thrilled to introduce that Approaching Zero, the first solo exhibition of the young artist GAO Ruyun will be presented from November 29, 2014 to December 31, 2014. The show is composed by three parts of artworks including oil on canvas, space installation and window display. Over the last three years, GAO Ruyun has been thinking over the various movements of lines in the space. Approaching Zero describes a basic concept in mathematics, a kind of motion which is approaching to zero infinitely. A motion so slow as to stillness, a tension permeating the space. In this show, GAO uses his simple techniques to express the nature of mechanical movements, attempting to explore their possibilities in time and space. GAO Ruyun, born in Shanghai in 1988, is studying Public Art in East China Normal University. Now he lives and works in Shanghai.


The Seven Days

Heng Li Xi Pan Heng Li Xixi Peiyun Zhang Kerui Zhang Linjun Yu Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang Shuo Feng Lu Ma Xiaorong Pan Ruyun Gao

Sep 13, 2014 ~ Oct 31

Someone asked me once, as we were standing here in this space: "Do you have a dream?" "Yes!" I replied. "What is your dream?" "You are standing in my dream." Looking back on the seven years since the beginning of M Art Centre, I am very grateful. Now we begin another seven years; we will move forward, do what we enjoy, and dream together.... This September, M art center is embracing its 7th anniversary. Looking back, the 7 years as if it were 7 days. On September 13th 2014, The Seven Days will be presented in M Art Center. Employing its narrative line from the Genesis, the gallery becomes a micro-world. Works starts from light of day one to rainbow of day seven from the 12 artists. The gallery is enlightened to trace back to the original creation and to represent it in the context of contemporary art. The 7th day marks not the end but a new journey we will embark on with every one of you.


Lee Jaehyo

Lee Jaehyo

May 10, 2014 ~ Jun 10

Nail in Wood and Wood in Nail Until recently, my work has been about combining wood with nails or steel bars, integrating them into geometrical shapes such as a sphere, a hemisphere or a cylinder. Whenever I do this, one of my troubles is keep nails and bolts out of sight. On the contrary, I now put an emphasis only on nails. I drive countless nails into wood, bend them, grind them, and then burn the wood, making nails protrude and at the same time blackening its growth ring and natural color. Then glittering metallic nails on the black charcoal become ever more conspicuous. Through this process, I draw a picture on wood using nails. It may be those that make a hard living who make this world a beautiful place. I certainly do not have the power to make it beautiful. I just hope to make those things that are seen beautiful. It may be a rusty bent nail. If you take a close look at it, however, you'll find how beautiful it is.



Xieda Wang Yun Sun Jingshi Jin Xin Guo Wenfang Fan Yue Dongfang Yuanming Cao Lili Chin Stephen Gleadow Peiyun Zhang Lu Ma Ruyun Gao

Mar 22, 2014 ~ Apr 21

On 22 March, M Art Center and Mustard Seed Space are pleased to embrace a dual opening, by which SONG, a group exhibition of twelve contemporary artists, and All the Way to Sunset, a solo of emerging artist Zhang Peiyun will be presented. Both of the exhibitions will be on view from 22 March to 21 April 2014. In ancient Chinese culture, songs are for the heaven and the earth, for the nature and for friendship. In the western civilizations, the Song culture merges from various locations, but leads finally to the same place.  The respect to the nature, the meditation of life, the pursuit of unknown, the longing for the ideal… … all these inner yelling are thrown to the vast universe by our artists, which echo in a different way. Look again, it seems that the song itself has become the response of the echo. Since antiquity, the resonance and interaction of the waves have formed, in which man and the universe has formed such a close connection. Song displays this beautiful relationship by summarizing artists from various fields, with different media, including oil on canvas, photo-multi media, sculpture, installation, jewelry design, video, etc. The rich forms of arts here are to present a subtle but harmonious world perspectives of the artists. “Nothing under the sun is truly new”. In this spring revive, two exhibitions are of one thought - how to measure the in-between of the real world...




Jan 13, 2014 ~ Mar 12

复件 2013新锐作品展海报


Xi Pan

Dec 14, 2013 ~ Jan 13, 2014

"In even the most perfect reproduction, one thing is lacking: the here and now of the work of art--its unique existence in a particular place. It is this unique existence, and nothing else, that bears the mark of the history to which the work has been subject." (Walter Benjamin) I stroll down South Mao Ming Road, pass the old Jing Jiang Hotel, and turn on Ju Lu Street as the buttonwood trees shade the ground with crushing patterns. I enter the maze of the Shi Ku Men and turn down the second alley on the left. Passing through the tattered black door, it closes behind me with a creaky thud. The daylight flows softly through the translucent roof of the patio. The worn, cracked floor tiles have maintained their delicate pattern despite their eighty years. A spider diligently weaves its web in the corner. The sounds of men and women chatting outside seep through the walls like waves of words and phrases from another world. I switch on the lamp, and light pours down. My silk canvas shimmers like the skin of a living being; my thoughts, mind, body, the smell of air, the faintest sound, the past forgotten or remembered, and the lingering future--all are captured in the lumen of light in the here and now. Slight and transparent, countless random factors float and fleet like dust, disconnected and seemingly negligible, yet intoxicating. As light needs time to transfer,...