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M Art Center was established in 2007, located in  the world-renowned M50 Creative Space on  Moganshan Road, Shanghai .The building was designed by famous French architect Jean-Marie Charpentier, with 300 square meters’ exhibition space along the street. In these years M art center explored and supported some talented artists  and successfully held several influential solo and joint exhibitions.We assist to orgnize “Creative M50″ which is intend to support young artists from nation wide  Academy of Fine Arts, together with international and domestic professional curators, academic critic.We planned and organized the promotion of the new artists and their works. Through this platform we  introduce some representitive and potential artists to collectors and art lovers  home and abroad.

Young artists that we have supported, such as Ruyun Gao, has had become the annual Chinese artist in 2017 for the Hermes x Mei Zone Collab. At the same time, at ArtReview Asia Xiàn Chǎng of West Bund Art & Design in 2016, artists we have sent, such as Jingfang Hao and Lingjie Wang, received the Jury’s Prize which was selected by well-known curators of Tate Gallery in London, Hanrou Hou and Clara Kim. Curator and artist for M Art Center, Stanley Fung, has also received first place in 2017, Juan I-Jong Humanity award of Photography contest.

M Art Center

1F, Building 2, 50 MoGanShan Rd.
PuTuo District, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 6299 6610
E-mail: martcenter@vip.163.com
Open in every Trusday to Saturday, from 10:30 to 18:30