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Stanley Fung

Sep 15, 2018 ~ Nov 17

“The LORD God built the rib, which He had taken from the man, into a woman. Then He brought her to the man. Then the man said, ‘this one, is bone of my bones...’” - Genesis I believe that the beauty of bones is not just a fascination to me, but one that has amazed lots of people once in a time. Around my four or five, I cleaned and dried several pork ribs after a meal, to make them toy blocks as the toy walnuts in those adults’ hands. In my fourth grade in the primary school, a human skull was unexpectedly unearthed when I, with my companions, were digging a hole to roast sweet potatoes. My friends got shocked, but just after a second, they started to play with the bones like footballs. I tried to stop them because I wanted to keep these bones for my own. Finally, they still decided to hand it over to the school, which much disappointed me. I grew up with collections of the bones of different animals such as birds, mice, chickens, dogs, cows, sheep, pigs, deer, horses and shells. And I even found the fossil scraps of the bones and teeth of a giant lizard and hadrosaur during my trip in Erlianhot, Inner Mongolia. In my eyes, the bone is one of the most beautiful things in the material world. Bones are the main substantial components constituting vertebrates which help...




Dawei Dong Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang Jie Ren

Jul 21, 2018 ~ Sep 8

Although the wind is too free to be grasped, we are still questioning where it’s coming and where it’s heading. Once we believe that the universe is created upon some profound laws, the closer we approach them, the more we can interpret about the diverse world. M Art Center is honored to announce The Invisible Laws, a group exhibition presented by Dawei Dong, Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang and Jie Ren. The involved artists reflect on different topics through a similar path that is to follow and represent the laws of creation, during which something new is born and brings about extra inspirations and a welcome relief to the artists. THE INVISIBLE LAWS Critical Review: Can Cui The wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more. Psalm 103:15-16 Wind can be felt on flags, willows and hands stuck out the window, however, can never be caught. We persist on seeking the direction of the wind as studying the law of the world which is concealed occasionally while revealed in other cases. Those with more sensitive perception and more serious obsession probably have an even greater chance to approach the truth. The art pieces in this exhibition reflect on different perspectives of the theme and it is intriguing that the three involved artists (group) are coincidentally chasing after the wind through some rules, phenomena and characteristics in their individual manners. Certaines âmes vont à...



Rifts in Silence

Ding Wu Lian Zhang Zhao Qian

May 26, 2018 ~ Jun 25

M Art Center is honored to announce Rifts in Silence, the group exhibition of WU Ding, ZHANG Lian and ZHAO Qian, presenting various forms of art pieces including installations, videos and paintings, etc. The exhibition will be opened on May 26th, 2018 and remain on view through June 25th. The three artists encounter in this exhibition and together respond to the subject of time from their individual backgrounds and contexts, giving an insight into the overlooked rifts in the silent system of time. INTRO The reason why the past can extend to the present is because of the future of certain objects. WU Ding Neither can we control twisted time nor the direction and speed of flow. ZHANG Lian I came back to the same place time after time to encounter what I saw before. ZHAO Qian ——WU Ding In WU Ding’s video work, The Reason Why the Past can Extend to the Present is Because of the Future of Certain Objects, an illuminated object lied on the beach is being flooded by tides. In people’s traditional notion, time is regarded as a linear and evenly forward flow which is constructed by the past, the present and the future. Differently in WU Ding’s theory, the future and the past juxtapose with the present so that the past never passes and the future always comes around. The artist has made diverse experiments on this theory in his works. God Never Roll...




Guillaume Hebert

Mar 10, 2018 ~ Apr 21

M Art Center is honored to present Rocks from Other Hills, the solo exhibition of French artist Guillaume Hebert. The exhibition will be opened on March 10, 2018 and remain on view through April 21, 2018. Rocks from Other Hills marks M Art Center’s first collaboration with Guillaume Hebert and also the artist’s first show in China. Guillaume Hebert was born in Normandy, France and graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'Arts & Médias of Caen. He has been based both in Taipei and Paris since 2012. Rocks from Other Hills —— Poetic rumination of the nature and humanity by French photographer Guillaume Hebert Article:Stanley Fung Guillaume Hebert always creates images precisely, delicately and thoughtfully. And his every series comes out with high quality and perfection. Through the camera scope, Hebert sometimes focuses on the city corner to reveal the imbalance of rapid modernization and backward situation in Asia, and at some other time, the intriguing scene of guests dosing in Taipei Starbucks and Shanghai IKEA also attracts his attention. After that, Hebert tries to compose still life and portrait images with his collection of plastic and nonwoven bags. And not the last, he gazes at the Pacific and Huangpu River where the peaceful breeze interchanges with violent waves, and describes the impressive outline of the magnificent rocks standing by the seashore of Ludao and Lanyu… This abundant creation not only conveys Hebert’s feelings about today’s culture of industrialization and urbanization, burdenless...




Jun 24, 2017 ~ Aug 26

The human body is the subject that I give all my passion to. I consider it my lifelong vocation to explore and visualize the human figure as a living soul. When I study them, the visual interplay between muscles and bones and sinews directly activates the most sensitive and purest place in my heart. In these artworks, the inner spirit represents itself in the movement of strokes, which vividly captures the inner activity that happens subconsciously in me. In other words, my art sketches the soul. If this is a God-given sensibility and creativity, more or less, then it motivates me to observe every delicate sensation in every human experience, and to try to bring comfort for the pains of life and the homesickness for the garden of Eden.


The heART of Worship

Philip Mantofa

Apr 7, 2017 ~ May 6

To Philip Mantofa, artistic creation is more than the creation of artwork; it is a reverent act of worship and a renewal of strength and peace. Every piece of art that he creates is a full and exhaustive expression from his heart, and an outpouring of his compassion for people. In 2015, Mantofa's debut worldwide exhibition Visions from Above captured and conveyed insights and revelations from above. Now in 2017, through Mantofa's art, we once again have a fresh look into his heart - The heART of Worship.


Dark Superimpose

Qingwen Bai Lijie Tan Ding Wu

Mar 4, 2017 ~ Mar 31

Night is situated at the dark side of objects. Light gazes inexhaustibly at all objects. On the other side of objects, which cannot be pierced out by light, they respond to themselves with night and shadow. Each object is followed by its own shadow, facing each other, in every moment of the dark night. As the reverse side of the visible, they submerge themselves in vast quiescence and mystery. We will display the works of Qingwen Bai, Lijie Tan and Ding Wu, all of which are produced in the previous year, in the exhibition scene of M Art Center. Qingwen Bai’s film The Extended Journey, depicting a hiking trip of young lovers, presents a discussion into the materiality of love and vague Utopia model established by desire. Essence of things always looms, like onions exfoliated layer by layer. Lijie Tan’s full-length film Off World, inspired by Mike Davis’s ‘Planet of Slums’, is based on observation to residential areas of the rich, present reflections to ‘a suspended moment’, as well as human history. Ding Wu’s work circling around the question of ‘Known and Unknown’, seeks for surface features concealed under ‘inner order’. Exploration into actuality and Utopia, fiction and reality, poverty and wealth, as well as representation and inherence are handled and embodied in the three artists’ works, making things even more complex and obscure, at the same time offering extensive interpretations under presentations which are unpenetrable. Underneath the shadow, objects...



Off The Shore Ⅱ

Xiao Chen Sheng Jin Hao Lin Qing lin Nathan Zhou Jie Ren Jiayin Sun Linghao Shen Ding Wu Linghui Xie Kerui Zhang Peiyun Zhang Ziqian Zhu

Dec 3, 2016 ~ Feb 4, 2017

Aiming for building up a local platform that could nature more communications and inspirations, “Off The Shore” is an annual project that M Art Center initiates to collaborate with new talent artists. Like the first version at the same time last year, “Off The Shore II” continues to invite artists that we have followed and to show what they have been doing in 2016 to present our collective thoughts on art today. In 2016, "Off The Shore Ⅱ" invites 13 artists that work in the fields of animation, photography, easel painting, installation, etc. As a sequel to "Off The Shore Ⅰ", it offers an alternative narration to the black night clue last year, which encourages the artists to go further off the shore and enjoy free space to think and to work.


Metaphors of Humbleness – Stanley Fung’s Photography Exhibition

Stanley Fung

Sep 3, 2016 ~ Nov 19

In Pensées, the French genius mathematician, scientist, philosopher and theologist from 17 century, Blaise Pascal wrote:      Let man then contemplate the whole of nature in her full and grand majesty…… Man is disproportionate. In fact what is man in nature? A Nothing in comparison with the Infinite, an All in comparison with the Nothing, a mean between nothing and everything. Since he is infinitely removed from comprehending the extremes, the end of things and their beginning are hopelessly hidden from him in an impenetrable secret, he is equally incapable of seeing the Nothing from which he was made, and the Infinite in which he is swallowed up…… Man is only a reed, the weakest of nature, but he is a thinking reed. Following the dialectical and ethical concerns of man and the nature of Pascal has been the common theme in various works of photographic artist Stanley Fung. “Dust Icons” borrows figures as well as their dramatic life stories from the bible to show the humanity that wavers between the nature and super nature, experience and transcendence, god and demon. His series “Members for One Another” focuses on the interactions of two alien pairs of hands ( male verses female, black verses white ) that changes from being strange to getting intimate, so as to think over everyone’s inevitable moral responsibility of the others, that is a lifelong mission of love. With an open view, the “Mere Straw” series...



Present Participle Ⅲ

Chao Guo Lei Hong Ruyun Gao Lee Kyoungmei Lu Ma Jieyin Wang Leah Lihua Wong Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang Xieda Wang

Jun 18, 2016 ~ Jul 30

The sun of tomorrow is always brand-new. “Present Participle Ⅲ” gathers several artists that have been featured and collaborated by M Art Center, showing their latest works and progress in a natural presentation. These works are shown in a variety of media, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, woodcut, paper work, etc., directly or indirectly demonstrating the experience of being steady, awakening, exploring and going beyond oneself that every artist goes through. They are in simple words, but showing complicated messages. To artists, art creation is considered equally as breathing, as it is not only the expression of the mind and the heart, but also the process of consistent self-denial, self-fulfillment and innovation. Either as calm reflections or passionate pursuits, a temporary rest or a serious announcement, here are the recent statements that the artists want to make.

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