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Dao Zi

Professor Wang Min (Pseudonyms Dao Zi), a famous poet, painter, and art critic.


2021 The Day Is at Hand: Daozi’s Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, M Art Center, Shanghai

2019 Pass-over: Santism Ink of Daozi, the union of maitian ministry, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 2018 Mercy: Dao Zi Wash-Ink Art Exhibition, 89 Art Gallege, Songzhuang, Beijing

Dao Zi’s Wash-Ink Art Exhibition and Seminar, Regent College, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

A White Bird Black Flying Through the Dark Night: Dao Zi Wash-Ink Exhibition and seminar, Taihe Art Space, 798 Art District, Beijing
2016 Surely I am coming soon: Saintism Wash-Ink Exhibition by Dao Zi, Cheng Xi contemporary Art Center, Beijing

Image of faith: Professor Dao Zi with Bernhard Vogler (the famous German sculptor), Dialogue exchange Art Exhibition, 99 Gallery, Ashaffenburg, Germany

Miracle and Witness: Professor Dao zi with the famous German sculptor Bernhard Vogler Dialogue exchange Art Exhibition, Martinushaus Church Art Museum, Ashaffenburg, Germany
2015 Vision and Situation: Santism Wash-Ink Exhibition by Dao Zi Shantou University Changjiang Art and Design Institute Art Museum, Shantou University, Shantou

Double Construction: Dao Zi’s Poetry and Wash-Ink Art Exhibition, Beijing Normal University Art Museum, Beijing Normal University Christian Literature and Art Research Center, Beijing Normal University
2014 Zeichen und wunder, Roll-Tuschebilder von Dao Zi, In Zusammenarbeit mit der China Infostelle und Ostasienreferat Zentrum für Mission und Ökumene-nordkirche weltweit, Bücherhalle Harburg

My soul who is at your feet, saintism wash-ink painting exhibition by Dao Zi, Beijing


2013 Vision or Revelation: Daozi’s Saintism Wash-Ink Painting Exhibition, 34. Deutscher

Evangelischer Kirchentag Hamburg
2011 The Elegy And Hymns: Dao Zi Saintism Wash Ink (Beijing-Hongkong) Exhibition Tour, Beijing Red Star Gallery, Chung Chi College, Chinese University Hong Kong

Souls Of Living Water: Daozi’s Saintism Wash-Ink Painting Exhibition, City Oase Reformierte Kirche In Iserlohn–Dortmund-kiel, Germany


International awards
2016 The Korean Art Association KOREAN FINE ARTS ASSOCIATION [KFAA] Art Merit

Award, Seoul
2014 Award for artistic creation from MISEREOR HUNGERTUCH 2015/2016, Misereor Foundation for Social Development, Aachen
1997 Received HUMAN RICHTS WATCH Hellman/Hammett grant Writer Award, World Human Rights Watch, New York


Main works and translations
2015 Dao Zi Selected Poems, China International Press Limited

Saintism wash-ink painting, Shanghai Sanlian Publishing House
2011 The Elegy And Hymns, Chung Chi College Press, Chinese University Hong Kong 2008 The Artist’s Reality-Philosophies of Art, (by Mark Rothko), Guangxi Normal University Press
2001 The Artistic Genealogy of Postmodernism (2 volumes), Chongqing Press
2000 Studies on Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting: Ideological Metamorphosis, Guangxi Art Press
1995 Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge (by Jean-Francois Lyotard), Hunan Press
1992 Witch Burning: Selected Sylvia Plath’s Poems, New Century Press
1988 Selected American Confessional Poetry, Lijiang Press
1987 Daozi Experimental Poetry, China Peace Press