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Stanley Fung


Considering himself as a foolish sinner, though with mercy of God, he has dedicated himself to the mission. He follows His steps and is willing to be the servant of God and everyone. He serves as a pastor at Chinese Rhenish Church, Blessedness, and also works on photography and art.

1961 Born in Hong Kong. Father, Fung Jia-Hao, is a preacher for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

1964 Moves to Taiwan and settles in Chiayi after father is sent by the church. Father establishes the first Methodist Church in Chiayi.

1974 Participates in the Youth Fellowship at church. Receives deep insight through Bible study and faith. Repeatedly receives replies from God to prayers, and confesses to his sins. Undergoes confirmation ceremony to become a Christian.

1979 Enrolls in the Department of Arts and Crafts at XieHe High School of Industry and Commerce, and receives instruction in Printmaking from the sculptor, Mr. Dong Zheng-Ping.

1982 Takes on art design work after graduating from vocational school (excluding three years of military service). Photography exhibitions and books by the photographer, Juan I-Jong, inspire Fung to begin photography.

1988 Befriends photographer Chien Yung-Pin. Holds first solo photography exhibition, A Child and A Butterfly Named Alice, at Xiamen Photography Art Gallery with Chien’s encouragement and assistance.

1990 Registers at Toten Photography Classroom’s twelfth class, and enrolls in “Masters of Contemporary Photography and Black and White Darkroom Technique” taught by Professor Juan I-Jong.

2003 Receives Master’s Degree at Taiwan Theological College & Seminary.

2008 Ordained to priesthood.


[ photography]

Stanley Fung as a creator working in Photo-Imagery Art, his vocation is a Christian clergy. More than a small hobby aside from the service to God, the work of Stanley in his own words, “is part of the religious contemplation”, from which he is born, and, is willing die for.

The portrait work of Stanley has gone beyond the spectrum of objective depiction. These works may be seen as “poetic portrait of soul”, taking Christian humanity as its foundation, and constructing a drama within a single frame, to tell a unique view of humanity. It is based on this view of humanity that each individual in his work is not an accident derived from a series of contingent coincidence in the vast universe, nor a Naked Ape, nor a subject of desire, nor cultural animal; yet a coalescence of substance and divinity – an anxious finite being endowed with eternal consciousness.

Moreover, the work of Stanley reflects his interests in time and history of humanity. His time-consciousness is not a circulated close universe, but opens to the ultimate goal created by God; and history, in his view, is an obscure way in an extremely slow manner to reveal the presence of God.

In addition to the portrait work, Stanley has other series: “The Word in All Thing (Still-Life)”, “Members for One Another”, “Mere Straw”, “Cursive”, “The Word in Forgotten Surfaces”, “Bone of Bones” and so on. Also reflects Stanley, as a Christian, his view of universe and humanity.



1988 “A Butterfly called Alice”, solo photography exhibition, Summer Gate Photo Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

1989 “Seven times Seven”, solo Photography Exhibition, Summer Gate Photo Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

1995 “Discovering the Legend of the East District Multimedia Art Exhibition”, curator and exhibiting artist,, Eslite Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan.

2008 “Between Fast and Slow” Multimedia Art Exhibition, Art Space in National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan.

2009 “Saint Anonymous”, Joint Exhibition by Stanley Fung and Zeno Chen, Elsa Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2010 “Illuminated”, ARTHIS FINE ART, Taichung, Taiwan.

2011 “New Generation Photographers of Taiwan”, curator H.W. Suan, MOCA Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan.

2011 “Tiny Dust, Illuminated”, solo photography exhibition, Arts Center, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

2012 “Three Places”, Joint Exhibition by Stanley Fung, Zeno Chen and Adams Chang, GALERIE PIERRE, Taichung, Taiwan.

2012 “Before I go hence, and be no more”, solo photography exhibition, ArtDoor Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2013 “Photoquai 2013”, Biennial of the world images, musée du quai Branly, Paris, France.

2014 “Tiny Dust, Illuminated”, solo photography exhibition, Thermos Foundation Studio 94, Taipei, Taiwan.

2014 “Nature’s Caretaker”, solo photography exhibition, ArtDoor Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2015 “members”, Multimedia Art Exhibition, Elsa Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2015 “DUST ICON”, mini solo photography exhibition, curator Xia Nan, Road of Tea, Shanghai, China.

2015 “Saint Anonymous”, solo photography exhibition, inCube Arts, New York, U.S.A.

2015 “Figures of Speech: Portraits of Fantasies”, curator Karen Smith, Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP), Shanghai, China.

2015 “Metaphors of Humbleness”, Joint Exhibition by Stanley Fung and Chen-Ping Lin, Arture Beaux Arts, Taipei, Taiwan.

2016 “Man&God”, curator Joseph Foo, Gallery of Giovanni DeCunto, Boston, U.S.A.

2016 “Soften The Light Hidden in The Dust”, solo photography exhibition, Xue Xue Insitute, Taipei, Taiwan.

2016 “Heaven on Earth”, DongGang International Photo Festival, curator HeeJung Kim, Dong Gang Museum of Photography, Seoul, South Korea.

2016 “Metaphors of Humbleness”, solo photography exhibition, M Art Center, Shanghai, China.

2016 “2nd Shenzhen International Photography Festival”, solo photography exhibition, Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China.

2017 “DUST ICON ─ THE GAZE OF A-LAN”, solo photography exhibition, curator Chen Danqing, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting, Beijing, China.

2017 “DUST ICON”, solo photography exhibition, M Art Center, Shanghai, China.

2017 “Seven — Seeing from The Word; Seven Series of Stanley Fung”, solo photography exhibition, Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan.

2018 “Stanley Fung and Chou Ching-Hui Exhibition”, Joint Exhibition by Stanley Fung & Chou Ching Hui, FUMA Contemporary Tokyo|BUNKYO ART, Tokyo, Japan.

2018 “Bone of Bones”, solo photography exhibition, M Art Center, Shanghai, China.

2018 “PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai ”, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China.



AFGA Black and White Photography, Golden Prize

SOPA, Excellence in Feature Photography

First ROC National Art Exhibition, Photography, Bronze Prize

Second ROC National Art Exhibition, Photography, Golden Prize

Third ROC National Art Exhibition, Photography, Silver Prize (without a golden prize winner)

First Photo Shanghai, Modern Weekly Photography Award

The 1st Juan I-Jong Humanity Award of Photography, First Prize



“A seed from England : the story of Hudson Taylor”, Picture Book, Cosmic Light Holistic Care, July 2006.

“Tiny Dust, Illuminated”, Photography Book, Locus Publishing Company, July 2016.