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La clef des Champs


Jul 2, 2022 ~ Sep 3

For the past twenty years, the world has become my playground. My children play with the walls, the architecture, or the culture of the places where I paint them.

I am constantly discovering new territories that inspire me to create new works. By wanting to speak to the people who live where I leave my mark, I force myself to understand and analyse the places I visit. By adapting myself to the walls before painting them, I want to open doors to which each of us has the key.  

The freedom that the canvas gives me allows me to constantly explore new ways of evoking the imagination of childhood. With the vortexes of colour into which I immerse my characters, I want to represent the richness of an inner universe that floods the space. They represent the passage to a new world, the entrance to the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland, fly the coop.

白相大世界 海报新