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Visions from Above

Philip Mantofa

Mar 12, 2016 ~ Apr 9

Born in 1974, Philip Mantofa’s early life was filled with violence and blasphemy. He started his journey of faith when he was 18 and has been experiencing radical transformation ever since. After graduated from Columbia Bible College in Canada, he embarked his calling in his country, Indonesia, and serving the community with all his talent. His influence reaches far beyond his homeland as he travels the globe changing spiritual climates everywhere. The dreams and visions he shared had excited many people ‘s minds, especially the visions of Heaven and Hell. Not until recently in 2014 has he decided to paint some of those dreams and depict what he has seen on canvases.

Mantofa first painted at his age of 6 and even achieved excellence in art competitions. However, he never thought of being an artist until his 40 when he realized that painting is the best way to keep as well as widely spread his dreams and visions carrying powerful messages that may positively affect people’s life. Therefore, Mantofa took up his brush and began to share with others his spiritual dreams and visions through painting until now.

Mantofa cooperated with Artrue to have his first global solo exhibition “Visions from Above” in Taipei in August, 2015 as well as its following exhibition at M Art Center in Shanghai in March, 2016, in which he would display about 16 pieces of painting. His bold strokes, vibrant colors and richly layered textures create passionate visual expressions that draw us into deeper reflection of what lies ahead for this generation that faces unprecedented levels of horror and brokenness in the world. Philip Mantofa paints to express, and not to impress – inspiring men to explore and open their visions from above.