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The Stone

Lee Jaehyo

May 16, 2015 ~ Jun 15

The renowned Korean artist Lee Jaehyo’s solo exhibition “The Stone” is to be on show from May 16, 2015 to June 15,2015. The show will be composed by three parts of artworks including spatial installation, sculpture and photography. Lee is deeply influenced by Earthworks and his works are natural and unaffected, nourished by Land art, Environmental Art, Eco-Art, Installations and Minimalism. In this show, while using ordinary rocks and branches as his main creation objects, he widely adopts artistic techniques like suspension, stack and alignment, which makes the raw materials mark a mysterious temperament. Integrating consummate skills and philosophical thoughts, his works are not only peaceful and elegant, but also reflective of the author’s quest for the unknown world. Moreover, the artistic style of Lee Jaehyo is “repetition” and “persistence” which requires a good deal of time and energy. While natural rocks seem pointless, if were piled together, the combination may convey certain meaning. Such is the same with Lee’s work for the creative process means even more than the author’s creative intention. No wonder he wrote in his work notes that “it may be those that make a hard living who make this world a beautiful place.”


Lee Jaehyo, born in 1965 in Hapchen, Korea, graduated from Hong-ik University in 1992 and has held 42 solo exhibitions up till 2015. Currently he is living and working in Korea.


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