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Chao Guo

Born in Hebei in 1980

2008 Graduated from Studio 4 of Oil Painting Department of China Central Academy of Fine Arts with a Degree of Master

Present Teacher of Fine Art School Affiliated to China Central Academy of Fine Arts



2006 798 “Post – Factory” Exhibition, Beijing

2007 Personal Sketch Exhibition “Story of Sheep”, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

2007 Christianity Fine Art Exhibition, Beijing

2008 “Out of Soul” – 10 Young Artists Exhibition, Shanghai

2008 “Light in Memory” Series in “Light of Academy”, Beijing

2008 Dianyi Salon Joint Exhibition, Beijing

2009 “Gift”, 798 Original Color Space, Beijing

2009 “Spallation and Renewal” – the 4th Beijing International Easter Art Exhibition, Beijing 2009 Jiangsu Art Fair

2010 “Ten Years”, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shenyang

2010 “Trip of Dream – Guo Chao and Wang Shuting Joint Exhibition”, Proud Gallery, Beijing

2010 Art Beijing, Beijing

2010 KIT — KUNST IM TUNNEL,Kunstmuseum,Germany

2010 Shanghai Art Fair,Shanghai

2010 Young Artists Exhibition in Songzhuang Art Festival,Beijing

2010 Linglong Tower Art Festival,Yunan

2011 Chinese Young Artists Exhibition,Chaochangdi Gallery of Art, Beijing

2012 Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Retrospective, Luxun Academy of Fine Art, Shenyang

2013 “Inheritance and Development” – China Central Academy of Fine Arts Paintings and Sculptures of Teachers and Students, Phoenix Art Center, Wuxi

2013 “Zui Hui Hua” – Chinese Young Artists Invitational Exhibition, CAA Art Museum, Hangzhou

2014 Chun Feng Bu Dai – Young Artists Small Landscape Exhibition, 9 Gallery, Beijing

2014 The Seventh Easter Art Exhibition of Beijing International Church, Beijing

2014 Beijing Yahe Art Week, Beijing

2015 “Qi Xiang” – 2015 Postgraduate Painting Exhibition, Inside – Out Art Museum, Beijing

2016 “A Pleasing Offering” Solo Exhibition – Fuyan Commune, Beijing

2016 “Yu Diao” – Art Beijing 2016, Beijing