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Apr 16, 2010 ~ May 7


Prints of Junwu Ling

Junwu Ling

Mar 18, 2010 ~ Mar 31


Benchmark of Times

Hongzhou He Xiong Yin Dongwang Xin Zhengqu Duan Yan Wang

Dec 20, 2009 ~ Jan 20, 2010

Art is a feast to human. The charm from the canvas had never ceased to smooth our visual aspiration. Whilst the school of postmodernism declared the doom day of art history, the diversity of art today, however, stroke us with the birth of a new age for creation. Among the vast categories in painting, figurative art had been evolving with vibrant modern life style to establish its status in contemporary art. These five figurative artists in this hall are all in their golden times of creation. In spite of their difference in styles and experiences, their names are to be engraved as benchmarks for the creation of figurative forms in China today, where their persistence in originality and academic techniques had been of great assistance in highlighting individual perception from personal style and the reality of forms. Their philosophy for beauty is not confined to express the real forms with aesthetics, but the truth moving them in the soul in observation. While it is this very truth that brings us together in front of their canvas, to witness the possibility for the return of art to our fast-changing contemporary daily routine, it has thus as well engraved their names as benchmarks on Chinese contemporary art.


Fun · Taste

Tianrong Wang

Dec 11, 2009 ~ Dec 17


Fun • Taste

Dec 11, 2009 ~ Dec 17


The Neverland of Shahid Parvez

Shahid Parvez

Nov 21, 2009 ~ Dec 9

As Pablo Picasso described his life as the constant pursuit to paint like a child, the same spirit could be spotted in the works of Joan Miró. During the years between 1948 and 1953, the artist’s efforts had been focused on the expression of a form that is simple, exaggerating but above all undeniably truthful, which had opened a way for the successors to follow when boundaries had been reached in their own creations, where Shahid Parvez is one of them. His works illustrating the most sincere feelings in the heart of children is the romance that could not be sensed if the audience could not let go of the complexity of the world of majors. In the airy lines and textures like children’s appliqué, his canvas has been filled with humor and metaphors. Although his visual languages had adopted the very childish way, the technique he had developed to realize his never land is never immature. Comparing to the first attempts in the young lives to explore the world and to express the purity of their minds, Shahid Parvez had been looking for a summary for his years of expedition. It is thus in the colors and forms, his personality and style are well reserved and presented to the audience along with his conclusions in society and individuals. On one side his works are full of fantasies merrily creating an atmosphere infused with the laughers in his memory. On...


复件 备份Shahid Parvez_12

Invisible Ink

Nov 7, 2009 ~ Nov 15

This group exhibition is accomplished under the planning of Art China of Britain and the associating of The Print Studio at Cambridge and St. Barnabus Press.The twelve artists in this exhibition bring us spectacular visions that have illustrated the prospect of engraving art in Britain today. These art pieces shown are created in the late five years, conveying the artists’ address on the mental experience aroused by social evolutions, have included the technical categories of woodcut, etching, Carborundum, linocut, screen print, lithograph and combined techniques. All vibrant in the field of engraving art, part of the artists had joined the faculty of art academies while the others are pursuing art as full-time, of whom, for instance, Anthony Green, an intimate to the Royal Art Association, and Stanly Donwood, a vanguard among the artists today on canvas and engravings, whose works are well acclaimed in an international scale. For the curators of this exhibition Kip Gresham and James Hill, their perennial cooperation with distinguished artists all over the world had been an eternal impetus for the development of this art form in UK. Their somehow abstract genres have witnessed with them the vicissitude of our habitat. It is our sincere hope a more legible social environment could be found in the images, so do the British engravings today.

British Contemporary Prints


Jieyin Wang

Sep 19, 2009 ~ Oct 18


Joint Exhibition of Young Chinese Artists

Kan Yuan Jingsong Yang Xieda Wang Feng Han Chuyun Liu Zhiying Shi Qionger Jiang

Jun 25, 2009 ~ Jul 12

青年艺术家联展 M艺术空间

7183 – Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute Youth Artists Group Exhibition

Peng Li Dan Lu Sen Lin Zijian Han Kan Yuan Zhiying Shi

Apr 3, 2009 ~ Apr 12

The birth span of six youth artists of Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute is from 1971 to 1983. Emerson said, if a man want to choose a age to be born, he will choose a variational one. During this age, all the experience is full with fear and hope. They have much experience in China of their own. The artworks deliver their past and the future.

7183 上海油画雕塑院青年艺术家联展 邀请函