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Zhenggen Jiang

Jul 17, 2010 ~ Aug 5

Drifting is a collection of works that has been companying JIANG Zheng Gen for years. The canvas with simple lines of colors and the light emitted from it produces an unique visual effect, where the neat patterns enchant the audience with illusionary space without borders.

“Drifting” in the context depicts not only the illustration of space and time but also the care of life, which presents a solution to approach the urban solitude, but in the meantime, an abstracted concept from the artist on the impression of urban texture.

By continuing the creation of “Drifting”, his spirits has been experiencing subtle transformation to reach its own destiny. It has revealed to us the tolerance and peace inside JIANG Zheng Gen and led us to his soul between the tranquil lines on his canvas.

Above all, JIANG Zheng Hen’s works have convinced me the quote: “The essence of abstraction art is human spirit”.