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Present Participle Ⅲ

Chao Guo Lei Hong Ruyun Gao Lee Kyoungmei Lu Ma Jieyin Wang Leah Lihua Wong Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang Xieda Wang

Jun 18, 2016 ~ Jul 30

The sun of tomorrow is always brand-new. “Present Participle Ⅲ” gathers several artists that have been featured and collaborated by M Art Center, showing their latest works and progress in a natural presentation. These works are shown in a variety of media, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, woodcut, paper work, etc., directly or indirectly demonstrating the experience of being steady, awakening, exploring and going beyond oneself that every artist goes through. They are in simple words, but showing complicated messages. To artists, art creation is considered equally as breathing, as it is not only the expression of the mind and the heart, but also the process of consistent self-denial, self-fulfillment and innovation. Either as calm reflections or passionate pursuits, a temporary rest or a serious announcement, here are the recent statements that the artists want to make.

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