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Off the Shore

Yuhan Su Linghao Shen Yue liu Qing lin Ding Wu Xiao Chen Yunshu Zhong Jie Ren Xin Wang Xixi Ruyun Gao Ziqian Zhu

Sep 26, 2015 ~ Nov 26

The “Off the Shore” Project is an annual periodic project run by M Art Center and young artists, which provide a platform for artists’ creative thinking and idea collision. It invites them to bring their art languages into the story of curating and explore new direction of  art in  the contemporary context basing on artists’ experiences. In each collision, this project openly discusses  the nature of art with artists in the liberal atmosphere. And also accompany them to start their trip of the project.

The list of artists who confirmed their participation:

WU Ding, SHEN Linghao, SU Yuhan, LIN Qing, ZHONG Yunshu, XI Xi, WANG Xin, ZHU Ziqian, GAO Ruyun, REN Jie, CHEN Xiao, LIU Yue

The “Off the Shore” Project in 2015 invites 12 artists to present their first exhibition in this series. The creative medias include photography, sculpture, installation and easel painting. As the opening exhibition of the project with a storyline of Nocturne, artists will  present their rich experiences telling personal secrecy in a metaphorical way. The project invites all the artists participated into group dialogues in order to let them know each other’s art works properly and find their similarities and difference of thought and sight while they talking about starting point of creation and logic. Therefore, the story of curating in this exhibition will be completed.

主海报 xiao