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Off The Shore Ⅱ

Xiao Chen Sheng Jin Hao Lin Qing lin Nathan Zhou Jie Ren Jiayin Sun Linghao Shen Ding Wu Linghui Xie Kerui Zhang Peiyun Zhang Ziqian Zhu

Dec 3, 2016 ~ Feb 4, 2017

Aiming for building up a local platform that could nature more communications and inspirations, “Off The Shore” is an annual project that M Art Center initiates to collaborate with new talent artists. Like the first version at the same time last year, “Off The Shore II” continues to invite artists that we have followed and to show what they have been doing in 2016 to present our collective thoughts on art today.

In 2016, “Off The Shore Ⅱ” invites 13 artists that work in the fields of animation, photography, easel painting, installation, etc. As a sequel to “Off The Shore Ⅰ”, it offers an alternative narration to the black night clue last year, which encourages the artists to go further off the shore and enjoy free space to think and to work.