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Night Out / Into

Xiao Chen

Sep 26, 2015 ~ Nov 26

“The real nature of modern life is not that it is cruel and dangerous, but it’s no features, dirty, listless.”

- George Orwell “1984”


Walk at midnight, recording some of the “invalid” fun to record the number of steps as the coordinate points.

For Example: 2643 + 3346 (“+” is no longer in mathematics, “plus”, And become a symbol coordinate point of each record number.) 2643 is the number of steps walked south, while the number 3346 is the steps of walking north, the end of walking south and the start of walking north.

Instead of recording time from a few to a few, it tends to walk away from alternative physical length of time. Meanwhile in the psychological level, time and space have become inaccurate.

In fact, space and time are uncertain and inaccurate. In every walk of the night, I walk in many uncertain and inaccurate, which seems to form a “boundary”, and become an individual Experience of walking around the board.

The “border” has become a giant stage with light shining down on me in countless nights when I scroll and walk around the border.  —  7/16/2015 Night

The thinking about efficiency: “Wandering in the night, the experience of being recorded and displayed is not that efficient, but filled with invalid fun. Experience itself is only belonging to the artists while the audience is outsider who does not exists in the experience of creation. However, the experiences are more real for viewers that they cannot enter into the context even if it seems to be achieved. The external form of the knowledge represented by artworks is an “Intro” and the real experience in creating work will never be achieved.

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