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The Branches of Time

Fu Bailin

Oct 5, 2021 ~ Dec 18

The Branches of Time -Photography Solo Exhibition of Fu Bailin By Xiang LiPing “Time keeps branching into countless futures.” - Jorge Luis Borges Heidegger used to say: “‘the life of man’ is a ‘dwelling for the poetic’”, “poetry first causes dwelling to be dwelling”, “But where is the space and time left for poetry in today’s dwelling?” The pursuit of fame, fortune, power, and influence fundamentally deviates from the nature of dwelling. From his perspective, what we called convenient and beautiful modern life is nothing but being alive; Sadly, we have no awareness of living in such poverty and darkness. Fortunately, we have artists. They are keenly aware of the poverty of the human spirit, the distance from the divinity, and the gloom of the world. Their creative work can bridge the rift between the poor era and the poetic dwelling. The Existence of Authenticity The living condition of Fu Bailin is like the authentic existence that Heidegger admired:“Once we choose our career, our life will be both in the present and in the future, and connected with the past at the same time. Everything is the present, and our life will blossom in this career with the surging passion of being alive...” Bailin followed his heart and nature, gave up the convenience of digital technology, returned to film photography, and explored in depth the mystery and magnificence of nature. He always treats his life and photography creation with such authenticity, which is not only a transcendental and enthusiastic state, but also a reverse time-perception way of observing the past from the future. Therefore, he always has abundant energy to remove different obstacles in his soul journey. The Branches of Time His photographic creation folks the accelerated, bustling, noisy, and reinforced concrete city, bringing a moment of pure and undisturbed...



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