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Lost in Forest

Fu Bailin

Nov 11, 2023 ~ Mar 2, 2024

M Art Center is honored to announce that on November 11th, we will present the solo exhibition "Lost in Forest" by artist FU Bailin. Curated by LU Mingjun, this exhibition will showcase FU Bailin's distinctive visual style through a selection of his photos, installations, and video works. The dense jungle and the trees are right there, flourishing and declining, unaffected by human observation. They don't wait for our entry nor do they reject our steps. They remain forever mysterious and enchanting. "Lost in Forest" primarily features two series of works, "Tree" and "Latent Image", showcasing a unique forest, an object landscape that highlights subjective cognition. "Tree" incorporates ink into images, creating hand-dyed works that not only contain the rich details that photography can capture but also present the charm of painting. The installation work "Latent Image" refers to the 19th-century animation device "Kaiser Panorama," hinting at "tree holes," "viewfinders," and "slides," reorienting the mode of viewing back into the heart of the jungle. "Xuan" literally means black, which means mysterious in Chinese. The saying goes, "Profoundly mysterious(black), the gateway to all wonders." FU Bailin skillfully uses black to create a rich and mysterious visual experience, forming a tension between objective imagery and the absolute subjectivity of image processing. This tension is also evident in the act of viewing: subtle and immersive tones come forward, distinct from ordinary recognition or scrutiny. It's more like a whispering exchange between the viewer and the image. Preface As a "worshipper" of photography, FU Bailin is enamored with every step of the process, from capturing the image to printing it. He pays meticulous attention to every detail. It is precisely because of this, even after experimenting with almost every technique, he remained unsatisfied. This led him to venture into the realm of cross-media such as...



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