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Aura of Poetry

Ruyun Gao

Jul 12, 2014 ~ Sep 10

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai presents Aura of poetry on July 12th. Artists invite viewers to enter into a poetic space; seeking the crack in time in our fast paced and intense urban environment and find refuge in the beauty of poetry and experience its spiritual power. The power of poetry lies in beauty , and also its ability to reflect truth. Poetry resembles light that breaks through the complexities of the modern life, creating a crack in time that brings people hopes and strength. In the Aura of Poetry viewers will experience the poetic light from these cracks. With light, forms time and space, subsequently different stories and human history. The participating artists of the exhibition includes (in alphabetic order): GAO Ruyun, HU Xiaoyuan, LIU Jianhua, PENG Yangjun, QIU Anxiong, SHI Zhiying, WANG Youshen, WANG Guangle, YANG Yongliang, ZHANG Enli. Majority of the works are newly created for this exhibition. With Aura of poetry , MoCA Shanghai aims to stimulate innovative thinking and create spiritual strength for all the viewers. Aura of Poetry -The exhibition is co-curated by Tiffany Soong, Shen Qilan, and Miriam Sun.

Aura of Poetry 时间的裂缝