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Jun 24, 2017 ~ Aug 26

The human body is the subject that I give all my passion to. I consider it my lifelong vocation to explore and visualize the human figure as a living soul. When I study them, the visual interplay between muscles and bones and sinews directly activates the most sensitive and purest place in my heart. In these artworks, the inner spirit represents itself in the movement of strokes, which vividly captures the inner activity that happens subconsciously in me. In other words, my art sketches the soul. If this is a God-given sensibility and creativity, more or less, then it motivates me to observe every delicate sensation in every human experience, and to try to bring comfort for the pains of life and the homesickness for the garden of Eden.


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Jingfang Hao & Lingjie Wang Ruyun Gao

Absolute Infinite Game
Jun 20, 2015 ~ Sep 20
A4 艺术中心

Aura of Poetry 时间的裂缝

Ruyun Gao

Aura of Poetry
Jul 12, 2014 ~ Sep 10
上海当代艺术馆 MOCA

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai presents Aura of poetry on July 12th. Artists invite viewers to enter into a poetic space; seeking the crack in time in our fast paced and intense urban environment and find refuge in... 详情