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Guillaume Hebert

May 14, 2019 ~ Jul 10

Looking at the unearthly poetic and spiritual touch of Guillaume Hebert’s work in such collections as Sea Etude, Suite for Shadows on the Sea, Rocks from Other Hills, and Apocalypse, and weighing and considering about the philosophical thinking and the production course behind his creations, I cannot help but think of the pioneer in German romantics-the poet Friedrich Hölderlin. It has long been noted by Hölderlin that, with the constant expansion of capitalization and industrial civilization, the human spirit has been lost, and that mechanical technology and utilitarian pragmatism have taken the human race away from the original cradle of the soul to the realms of coldness and strangeness. In the reflection of how French Revolution eventually descended to blood and fire, the poet realized that the rationality upheld in the Enlightenment was not the highest principle, and that what transcended knowledge and rationality should still be a true understanding of the origin of life and life itself, the fulfillment of life in its struggle, the unity of subject and object, and the synchronization of the son of God and the son of Man. And as far as Hölderlin is concerned, only the experience of beauty and the divine belief in love can lead us to this unity: As long as friendliness and purity dwell in our hearts, We may measure ourselves not unfavorably with the divine. Is God unknown? Is he manifest as the sky? This I tend to believe. It is the measure of the human. Deserving, yet poetically, we dwell on this earth. In the works and ideas of Hölderlin lies a blend of Hibs, Greek and pantheism features. In fact, Guillaume Hebert, in his earlier narrations, stated that a French man as he was, he was more of a Taoism fan. Taoism denies the method of...



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