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Wheel of Times – The Joint Exhibition of Five Artists on Chinese Abstract Art

Lei Li Ping Tan Changjiang Zhou Jingsong Yang Guoyuan Deng

Dec 20, 2008 ~ Jan 19, 2009

Contemporary art is conceived in the modern context. However, with hardly any similarity to fads and fashion, it has the prospect to be handed down as classics with its unique aesthetics. Though it is universally acknowledged that the once prevailing western post-modernism art had now tucked into pure canvas form, it had on the other hand reflected the demands of art itself to regress to its essence rather than expanding into more vastly varied forms. This choice is believed to have been made after careful consideration to refine art from our culture and the artists’ self-consciousness following their free-wills and sticking to their common idealism. This is the portrait of the environment for the artists’ creation, where modernity is intensively depicted. The abstractionists in this room has been weaving in the patterns their personal style and feelings in modern times. The farther their mind leave what they saw, the more profound their art deliver what they perceive. Finally, spiritual dimensions are developed; the poetry of abstraction is harvested as one after another conception had been established, emitting the warmth of conciliation for the upright and the stoical.

We firmly believe that abstract art is bound to be accepted to larger population with the time moving forward. Nevertheless hard work would be indispensable with to communicate academic aesthetics and popular taste. On such basis, these five abstractionists in this room had eloquently testified this point, reflecting their inimitable explorations on Chinese abstract art, where their accomplishments had far more transcended what are lying on the canvases.