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Transparent Image of China

Yuan Zhang

Dec 11, 2007 ~ Jan 10, 2008

As to me, it is the first photography exhibition. When Crazy English was finished, some good friends reminded me that, actually your pictures in the film are naturally good art photography. However, I was busy on my filmmaking at that time and couldn’t pay any attention to it.

In 2001, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in USA has formally collected my three music videos shot for Cui Jian. In the past few years, some art galleries in Singapore, Holland and Germany have been unceasingly inviting Crazy English to their art show.

Although my films are sometimes shown on some international exhibitions and gathered for some specific subjects, I am still exciting and full of expectation on this attempt as a pure photography presentation.

I learnt as I was initially exposed to art that, the boundaries between deferent arts are ambiguous. I can see from these pieces that they are able to cross the boundaries.

This exhibition is mainly composed of four parts:Let Me Be Wild in the Snow;The Square; Ms. Jin Xingand Crazy English.To prepare for this exhibition, the hardest work for me was to find those of my negative films. Lots of negative and positive films are stored in two small warehouses in my basement. I worked on in a sweat until I found the negative films of Jin Xing’s surgery and Be Wild! I hope, through such an exhibition, to fix the flowing pictures in movie into photos one by one, and record the days that we will never, never forget…