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The Neverland of Shahid Parvez

Shahid Parvez

Nov 21, 2009 ~ Dec 9

As Pablo Picasso described his life as the constant pursuit to paint like a child, the same spirit could be spotted in the works of Joan Miró. During the years between 1948 and 1953, the artist’s efforts had been focused on the expression of a form that is simple, exaggerating but above all undeniably truthful, which had opened a way for the successors to follow when boundaries had been reached in their own creations, where Shahid Parvez is one of them. His works illustrating the most sincere feelings in the heart of children is the romance that could not be sensed if the audience could not let go of the complexity of the world of majors. In the airy lines and textures like children’s appliqué, his canvas has been filled with humor and metaphors. Although his visual languages had adopted the very childish way, the technique he had developed to realize his never land is never immature.

Comparing to the first attempts in the young lives to explore the world and to express the purity of their minds, Shahid Parvez had been looking for a summary for his years of expedition. It is thus in the colors and forms, his personality and style are well reserved and presented to the audience along with his conclusions in society and individuals. On one side his works are full of fantasies merrily creating an atmosphere infused with the laughers in his memory. On the other, the rigorous process in his creation had added to the charm of his works to inspire the audience to make full sense of their own imagination.

India has been developing to be a new focus for contemporary art within the few past decades with its fast climbing economy and its glittering culture. Living in the vibrant community of creation, Shahid Parvez is one of the Indian artists, who have been active in an international scale to offer the world their passion in the creation of their own styles and their courage to open a window to the tomorrow of the world’s civilization. We are honored in every way by the cooperation with him and hereby wish him every success in his first solo exhibition in China.

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