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The Back Studio

Inhee Yang

May 9, 2015 ~ Jun 9

The creation of Yang Inhee has never been confined to canvas, but has found its way to disperse in the entire universe of her own. The canvases in her studio work like photographing negatives, which are drown, developed and then dried in the film developer. The seemingly random production process of her works has, however, not ruled out the rhythm, relationship and cadence of elements, but focused on letting go for a natural process. This is a period of time being that could only been revealed in the space of Yang Inhee, which she has noted down with full honesty. Her creation could not be concluded as certain canvas logic, but would rather be analyzed by the concept of the “traces” of her life. “The Back Studio” describes the evolvement of her individual psychology and creation technique after her arrival in Shanghai, as well as her mental and physical experience brought by her cultural background, her artistic research and creation, also her daily life, even the whole of her perception. When these contents which used to belong to “the back” has been overturned to the front to face the public, each line, shape and color on her canvases are blandly referring to her own story, which are as kind as the words with warmth when talking with the artist face to face.

The creation of “The Back Studio” has been based on the artist’s actual living space. Since she has moved from Beijing to Shanghai, her apartment on Yi Shan Road has been her studio and residence, where everyday starts with putting on well color-stained clothes to paint. In her studio, there are photos randomly covering the wall, installations to be finished on the floor, films and paper materials in different colors found somewhere, and a full table of brushes and paints. In the past two years in Shanghai, her mentality, emotion and a considerable portion of her life has left marks in this space. In this exhibition, the artist would like to present all this to the public, to refill a new space with her perception of the space that she has been so familiar with, and to let the public to discover the story at the back of the artist through the traces of colors, materials and light.