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Xieda Wang Yun Sun Jingshi Jin Xin Guo Wenfang Fan Yue Dongfang Yuanming Cao Lili Chin Stephen Gleadow Peiyun Zhang Lu Ma Ruyun Gao

Mar 22, 2014 ~ Apr 21

On 22 March, M Art Center and Mustard Seed Space are pleased to embrace a dual opening, by which SONG, a group exhibition of twelve contemporary artists, and All the Way to Sunset, a solo of emerging artist Zhang Peiyun will be presented. Both of the exhibitions will be on view from 22 March to 21 April 2014.

In ancient Chinese culture, songs are for the heaven and the earth, for the nature and for friendship. In the western civilizations, the Song culture merges from various locations, but leads finally to the same place.  The respect to the nature, the meditation of life, the pursuit of unknown, the longing for the ideal… … all these inner yelling are thrown to the vast universe by our artists, which echo in a different way. Look again, it seems that the song itself has become the response of the echo. Since antiquity, the resonance and interaction of the waves have formed, in which man and the universe has formed such a close connection. Song displays this beautiful relationship by summarizing artists from various fields, with different media, including oil on canvas, photo-multi media, sculpture, installation, jewelry design, video, etc. The rich forms of arts here are to present a subtle but harmonious world perspectives of the artists.

“Nothing under the sun is truly new”. In this spring revive, two exhibitions are of one thought – how to measure the in-between of the real world and the ideal land. As one of those who raise the question, we invite you to view the exhibition with us.