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Ziqian Zhu

Sep 13, 2014 ~ Oct 12

ZHU has been employing a language that is implicit and reserved for long. In this exhibition, the way he works and the themes he has been exploring will be demonstrated through a series of slow yet poetic “movements”.

In the era of global media, as the external disturbance is inevitable, artists often find the relationship between image and object complicate. But ZHU Ziqian departs from another side. By drawing, he senses the changes in his emotion; by experimenting over and over again, he searches for an original but direct expression. Gradually, he manages to develop a sort of philosophical thinking out of the daily practice of doodling. Speaking of the form animation, ZHU is very cautious. He treats animation merely as a means of presentation, and strictly controls the technical involvement in his works so that he would never be trapped.

ZHU’s works are not only discussions about “movements”, but also explorations of the feelings deeply from the body and the existence of the “body” in both realms of time and space.

ZHU Ziqian is adroit at creating contradictions and absurdities: the irrelevant pair of a shelf and an athlete in his early work Shelf and Lifter, the incorrect perspective of Playground, the juxtaposition of dropping coins and push ups in Push Ups …… all these contradictions force the audience to ponder over movements and beyond.

In this exhibition, not only are his finished works displayed, but his sketches are shown also. It is to help the audience sort out a clue of the artist’s creation and to introduce them to the artist’s self-made context. The works are then completed


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