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Memento Mori

Xin Wang

Mar 21, 2015 ~ Apr 21

Literally, The installation of Wang Xin is about death and the experience of death. Her work invites the audience to join in the performance according to her own procedure, who would be able to experience the state of “death” and one’s own mentality when the “soul” leave the corps. Wang Xin hopes to converse the subject of death and rebirth in the audience interaction. Different from the death experience in the death house, the project is designated by the artist to represent a unique death and rebirth experience weaving the utility of various media. In the plan, the artist would transform Mustard Seed Space to death -experience resembled “service-room”.

The project has made full use of interior structure of Mustard Seed Space. The three cabinets in the space has been transformed to: one registration room, one changing room, and a death-experiencing room. The white cubic boxes in the registration room is prepared to collect small objects offered by the participated to exchange for this experience, which would then be reserved as part of the exhibition. The staff with tailor-made badge to this exhibition would assist the participate to complete the whole procedure. The entrance of the third cabinet would be half enclosed as to yield a slot for one person to physically go through.  After the participate has changed to the costume and read prepared documents, the staff would pull out the bed fixed to the trail behind the curtain in the third cabinet, then  invite him/her to lie down and replace the bed before closing the cabinet. On that moment, the video and audio would be intrigued to guide the death experience. The camera in the third cabinet would film the whole process of ” MEMENTO MORI”.

MEMENTO MORI 我们是将要死去的 | 王欣个人项目

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