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Invisible Ink

Nov 7, 2009 ~ Nov 15

This group exhibition is accomplished under the planning of Art China of Britain and the associating of The Print Studio at Cambridge and St. Barnabus Press.The twelve artists in this exhibition bring us spectacular visions that have illustrated the prospect of engraving art in Britain today. These art pieces shown are created in the late five years, conveying the artists’ address on the mental experience aroused by social evolutions, have included the technical categories of woodcut, etching, Carborundum, linocut, screen print, lithograph and combined techniques.

All vibrant in the field of engraving art, part of the artists had joined the faculty of art academies while the others are pursuing art as full-time, of whom, for instance, Anthony Green, an intimate to the Royal Art Association, and Stanly Donwood, a vanguard among the artists today on canvas and engravings, whose works are well acclaimed in an international scale. For the curators of this exhibition Kip Gresham and James Hill, their perennial cooperation with distinguished artists all over the world had been an eternal impetus for the development of this art form in UK.

Their somehow abstract genres have witnessed with them the vicissitude of our habitat. It is our sincere hope a more legible social environment could be found in the images, so do the British engravings today.

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