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Dark Superimpose

Qingwen Bai Lijie Tan Ding Wu

Mar 4, 2017 ~ Mar 31

Night is situated at the dark side of objects.

Light gazes inexhaustibly at all objects. On the other side of objects, which cannot be pierced out by light, they respond to themselves with night and shadow. Each object is followed by its own shadow, facing each other, in every moment of the dark night. As the reverse side of the visible, they submerge themselves in vast quiescence and mystery.

We will display the works of Qingwen Bai, Lijie Tan and Ding Wu, all of which are produced in the previous year, in the exhibition scene of M Art Center. Qingwen Bai’s film The Extended Journey, depicting a hiking trip of young lovers, presents a discussion into the materiality of love and vague Utopia model established by desire. Essence of things always looms, like onions exfoliated layer by layer. Lijie Tan’s full-length film Off World, inspired by Mike Davis’s ‘Planet of Slums’, is based on observation to residential areas of the rich, present reflections to ‘a suspended moment’, as well as human history. Ding Wu’s work circling around the question of ‘Known and Unknown’, seeks for surface features concealed under ‘inner order’. Exploration into actuality and Utopia, fiction and reality, poverty and wealth, as well as representation and inherence are handled and embodied in the three artists’ works, making things even more complex and obscure, at the same time offering extensive interpretations under presentations which are unpenetrable.

Underneath the shadow, objects enter into the night.

The exhibition will open at 3:30 pm, on March 4, 2017, and will continue until the end of March. We are looking forward to your attendance.