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Bright and Beautiful

Liu Yi

Oct 1, 2022 ~ Dec 3

Bright and Beautiful
By Dr. SHEN Qilan

Enter a flower stamen, become a white cloud, and be a dumpling.

Artist Liu Yi enters the world of ten thousand things with a unique perspective and brushstroke, a contemporary world of spirituality.

As Paul Éluard’s poem says, “There is another world, and it is in this one.”

There is light in all things, what Liu Yi paints is not the appearance of things, but the feeling and memory of the moment, which the glow of things is vibrating inside of us.

What is amazing is Liu Yi’s ability to keep himself amazed, he can always see and always be moved. He gathers and deepens the mind’s attention, acutely entering the inside world of things. These works are the moments when mental feelings and visual images collide in the mind to take shape.

Creation relies on the mind, not the medium of creation. What Liu Yi discovers is the mystery contained in things themselves, the lively and passionate outside world and the quiet and profound another one. The world he portrays also allows a new movement and focus of our attention, bringing the unnoticed back into focus and reopening the things we take for granted.

His works offer a confidence that as we sail along with our unpredictable destiny, we are still accompanied by all bright and beautiful things. Flowers, vegetables, giant mountains, white and soft clouds, sunsets, birds …… Both the dumplings and the sun can be slightly larger than the entire universe, vast and free.

All things have walked toward me, flowed through me, and gradually become me.