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All the way to sunset

Peiyun Zhang

Mar 22, 2014 ~ Apr 21

“One day, I saw forty-three sunsets!” “You know, when one is sad, he always feels like sunset. ” Inspired by the Little Prince, Zhang Peiyun decides to make the observation of sunset into a long-term project. So long that she has been doing this so that she wakes up everyday by the “sunset” moment like having another bio clock. And all these started from a recording of the sun. No matter it was about “four suns at hometown” mentioned by stranger on road, or the sky seen from her bedroom, it always brings her some subtle feelings.

The space is a mix of poems and dreams. Every second that falling down exquisitely and every micro-scenes on dreams were shown in her video works. It is through her hands that daily objects have been magically dissolved – sometimes turned into translucent cloud in the sky. But people in this modern refuge live in such a hurry that they just turn a blind eye to them. Zhang wakes up our weary consciousness and takes us to meditate on the miracles of the nature.

This is a room of light. Combining studio and bedroom, it not only takes on daily functions but also offers a space for art creation. It is naked as a room of intimacy, while sincere as a studio for heart. Then the heart living in this room is nearly transparent. And only transparency could meet light. Zhang believes in her intuition that she could perceive the nature and the miracle of the unknown. Natural light, a theme explored by many artists before, then has entered her world and become her eternal theme.

The solo exhibition is composed by four videos and two installations, which demonstrate her initial exploration towards the light. With fairies performing and a dream takes her, there is a sunset in eternity.