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Yanlyn Wang

born in 1981. Graduated from Fine Art College of Shanghai University in 2007,MA of Chinese Painting Department.Now living and woking in Shanghai.


2013   Break and Breathe–Hands On No.5 (College of Fine Arts Shanghai University, Shanghai,China)

Will&Idea (J:Gallery,Shanghai,China)

Chorus (DonGallery,Shanghai,China)


2012   LZWZL–Paris·Shanghai(Michel Journiac Gallery,Paris,France)


2011    Rotating Shanghai II: Works by Two Generations of Photographic Artists in Shanghai ( The space of Contemporary Dialogue Foundation,San Francisco, USA)

WuXing (Eastlink Gellary,Shanghai,China)

Midsummer–Photography Exhibition ( OFOTO Gallery,Shanghai,China)


2010   Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD)–Hands On No.3(DDM,Shanghai,China)

Specimen–Wang Yanlyn Photo Exhibition (IMAGO,Shanghai,China)

Beyond The Body–Contemporary Image Art Exhibition (MoCA,Shanghai, China )

Square (Eastlink Gallery,Shanghai,China)


2009   Isomorphism–Photo Experiment (Am Art Space,Shanghai,China)

Misinterpretation Photo Exhibition ( OFOTO Gallery,Shanghai,China)

Yes–Current Works By Eight Female Artists (Yard Gallery,Shanghai, China)

Parallel–Hands On No.2 (M50 Art District,Shanghai,China)


2008   Wang Yanlyn & Jin Zi Dual Exhibition (Yard Gallery,Shanghai,China)


2007   CREATIVE M50 (Epson Imaging Gallery,Shanghai,China)

Paper Box–Exhibition of Paintings on Paper (Yard Gallery,Shanghai, China)


2006   With the Way We Game–Hands On No.1 (Bin Jiang Creative Enterprizes Centre, Shanghai,China)

Game Addict–The Exhibition Of Eight Contemporary Artists (M50 Art         District,Shanghai,China)


Expositions of the artist