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Richard Texier

1955        Born at Niort in France. The Atlantic littoral, territory of his childhood marks his work deeply.

1973-1982    He paints assiduously since the age of 12. Finishes its studies by a thesis of architecture on the construction of an astronomical garden and a doctorate of visual arts. Settles in New York, thus inaugurating the nomadic practice which he has not ceased reproducing since.

1983-1985 First exhibit in New York making the beginning of his career.

1988         The French State orders a monumental tapestry to him on the topic of the human right.

1992          Nomadic residence in Moscow. First Western artist invited in this country since the beginning of the century, Richard Texier invests for two months the House of the Culture, paintings carried out on the spot are introduced at the inauguration of the Center of Contemporary art by Léonid Bajanov. Beginning of its work of sculptor.

1994          His work is recognized in Asia. He exhibits in Japan and Taiwan. Sculpture takes an important place.

1996          First monumental sculpture in bronze “Les outils du navigateur” for the “Corderie Royale” of Rochefort/Mer. Exhibition at the National Museum of Taiwan.

1998-1999    Nomadic residence at the villa Noailles in Hyères and realization of a sculpture for the city. The retrospective exhibition at the Museum of the Navy in Paris during 4 months and at the Museum of Niort stigmatize his attachment with the oceanic spirit.

2000        His monumental sculptures are presented in Amsterdam and Paris.

2002        He settles in New York to paint and exhibit during spring.

2003        Nomadic workshop on the open sea at the headlight of Cordouan.

2004        Exhibition at Arco of Madrid and Ancan of La Rochelle. Nomadic residence in Shanghai. Monumental masterpieces, paintings and sculptures will remain in the city. Monography by Flammarion Editions.

2005        Exhibition on the theme Est/Ouest at the Shanghai Art Museum. 40 monumental paintings, inks on navy maps, mythical animals in bronze realized in China and in France for the year of France in China. Monumental sculpture in front of the K.WAH Center and 5 monumental paintings in the hall. Exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris.

2006        Held the exposition of monumental sculpture in Grand Palais of Art Paris and Galerie Thessa Hérold. Produced 8 grand works of mythical animals for a French assurance group.

The catalogue was reeditioned by Editions Somogy.

2007        Held the exposition in Grand Palais of Art Paris and Galerie San Carlo of Milan.

Produced works of mythical animals for DAUM.

Produced monumental sculpture Les Guetteurs de Sens for a French assurance group. Launched a new concept of watch by collaborating with Audemars Piguet from Switzerland.

Held the exposition in Galerie Alisan Fine Art of Hong Kong for French May.

Held the exposition of paintings and sculptures in Galerie San Carlo of Milan.

2008       Held the exposition in Galerie M of Shanghai Arts Center.

Held the exposition in Grand Palais of Art Paris and Galerie San Carlo of Milan.

Held the exposition in Rouen during Armada and produced immense weathervane Les Guetteurs de Vent.



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