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Haijun Du

Born in Yixing, Jiangsu Province in 1978 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of China Academy of Art.

Now he is a professional artist and lives in Shanghai.


Maior Exhibitions

2013 《Who Can See Cities》— A Solo Exhibition by DuHaijun,M ART CENTER,Shanghai

2012 《Art·Classics》— Art Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting ,Beijing

2012 《Korea·China·Japan Art Invitation Exhibition》,Korea

2011 《City·Homestead》— The 1st Art Phoenix Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition of Young Artist ,National Art Museum of China,Beijing

2010 《China Fine Arts Exhibition, EXPO Shanghai》(Special Invited Art Work), Shanghai Exhibition Center

2010 《New Chinese 60th Anniversary Exhibition》,Korea

2010 《Research and Exceed》, National Art Museum of China,Beijing

2010 《2010 Art Exhibition (Oil Painting) in Nanjing China》,Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum

2009《The World Trip of Chinese Fine Arts》 Chinese Cultural Center in Paris,Frence



2012 the Highest  Award  of  “The 1st Featured Oil Painting and Printmaking Exhibition of Members of China Artists Association”, Mayland International Art Center

2011 the  Excellence Award of “ Excavation and Discovery —— The Second Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition of The Newcomers”, Chinese Academy of Oil Painting

2010  the Highest Award of  “China Fine Arts Exhibition ,EXPO Shanghai”, Wuxi Museum

2009 “Award nomination” of “The Eleventh National Exhibition of Fine Arts, China 2009”, National Art Museum of China

2008  the Highest Award of “The third national fine arts exhibition for young artists” , National Art Museum of China



National Art Museum of China

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea

Liaoning Museum of Fine Art

Shenzhen Press Group



Expositions of the artist