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Present Participle I

Jun 18, 2013 ~ Jul 17

And the sun still as strong as before.
Its impatient brushes were painting the world.

Thomas Tranströmar, Secret on the Way


Present Participle I presents a collection of works by artists that have been collaborating with our gallery in recent years. It is an exhibition aiming at showing the other side of the creative process that every artist engages in his/her everyday life consistently and whole-heartedly. Here art making has become a habit of life and yet it always encounterschallenge and breakthrough. Without art and artists, our gallery walls will be empty and our hearts will be desolate. Every brushstroke left by the artist is processing towards the understanding of our world. They are the tangible remains of our memory, passion. love, sadness and longing. Because of this, we want to believe the world is still wonderful.

This is a promise of our belief in the future and it is happening right now.